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We love baking amazing cheesecakes, you should too!

As part of our efforts to bring Uncle Fluffy to the worldwide level and to growing markets, we introduced exciting and affordable franchise opportunities available worldwide.

Our Story

Uncle Fluffy Japanese cheesecake is a mouthwatering, delightful and soft dessert. The secret behind its popularity is the unbelievable fluffiness, decadent sweet flavor and irresistible scent, a perfect combination that has captured the hearts of people from all over the world.
As part of our efforts to bring Uncle Fluffy to the worldwide level and to growing markets, we introduced affordable franchise opportunity for qualified companies and young entrepreneurs. Uncle Fluffy is now rated as one of the best franchises due to the fast franchise growth and easy opening process. Uncle Fluffy franchise provides two affordable franchising models, the kiosk model and the shop model and both deliver high income and prestigious franchise business opportunity.
Take advantage of the top franchise business and be the first to bring Uncle Fluffy to your city and enjoy high income and low cost franchise.

Facts and Numbers

USD 1600

Average Kiosk Daily Sales

12 Percent

Average Sales Annual Growth

12 Million

Sold Cakes


Prices are subject to increase after 12 June 2019

Franchise Fee.

This fee is applicable to first kiosk only, the franchise fee for any additional kiosk is $16k per kiosk. This fee is a one-time payment, paid at the time of signing of the contract.

Royalty Fee.

This fee is applicable to first kiosk and any additional kiosks. This fee to be paid on monthly basis.
4% of gross sales

Marketing Fee.

This fee is applicable to first kiosk and any additional kiosks. This fee to be paid on monthly basis.
1% of gross sales

Dedicated Responsive Website

Including Language Optimization, Online Shopping, Locations, Reviews, Blog & News. Customization is available.

Online Management System

Including Sales Reports, HR, Inspections, Accounting, Online Shopping Backend. Customization is available.


Step 1 Submit Franchise Form Now
Step 2 Candidate Review 1st Week
Step 3 Meeting / Video Call 2nd Week
Step 4 Signing Contract. 3rd Week
Step 5 Approving the location 5th Week
Step 6 Setup & Kiosk Fabrication 8th Week
Step 7 Training 10th Week
Step 8 Opening 12th Week

Franchise Form

Kindly fill the franchise application form and our team will contact you within 24 hours.

Do You Have Previous Franchise Experience?
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Do You Have Food Business Experience?
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Have You Ever Registered a Company in Your Home Country?
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Google Reviews

Marelise Dann


I ordered 3 cheesecakes for my friend's birthday. It was really great service and delicious. The cake was so light I didnt feel guilty after eating one all by myself.
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Jodiesta Dies


Very Delicious cake! It really melt in to my mouth. Yummy! 😄😘
View on Google >

Mutlq Sawadi


رائ بكل ماتحويه الكلمة من معنى فقط سعر التشيز كيك الوسط والكبير مرتفع قليلا
View on Google >

Fara Ghazali


Very soft cheese cake. Not too sweet. Just melts in your mouth. Tastes so good I didn't have time to snap a picture before it was gone in a jiffy.
View on Google >

Harley Supan


The fluffy cheese cakes is very nice and delicious.please provide a nice papel bags with your logo to make presentable.thanks
View on Google >

Slice of Dubai Arwa Doriwala


These cheesecakes are light, fluffy, and not too sweet. You can go on and on eating them.
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