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Low cost franchise opportunity.
Profitable franchise.
Free training & full support .
No experience required.
The best Japanese cheesecake.
Earn up to $90,000 monthly.

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Be part of our family and take advantage of the fastest growing franchise opportunity by being the first to bring Uncle Fluffy franchise to your city. Uncle Fluffy has been ranked as one of the best franchises to buy in 2019 and ranked as the most affordable franchise to own and the most profitable franchise opportunity. Uncle Fluffy franchise provides two affordable franchising models, the kiosk model and the shop model and both deliver high income and prestigious franchise opportunity. 

Why to Franchise?

Franchise Fee

And this is because we want to allow young and passionate entrepreneurs to take Uncle Fluffy to world-wide level. Being the most affordable franchise, we offer two options, you can either open a full shop or you can even start with a small kiosk.

Very Profitable

One single shop can generate revenue of sixty to ninety thousand dollar a month while small kiosks can generate up to forty to fifty thousand dollars a month. Which makes Uncle Fluffy the most profitable franchise.

Franchise to Own

We have always been pioneer in providing mouthwatering Japanese cheesecake. We created a remarkable and prestigious brand image across the globe.

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February 14, 2019

Again, Uncle Fluffy attracts media, we are on Gulf News.

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February 7, 2019

People line up for Uncle Fluffy’S Cheesecakes

Ever since Uncle Fluffy entered the UAE market in 2016, and the Japanese cheesecakes in Dubai became popular and talk…
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February 7, 2019

Uncle FLuffy ranked as top 13 favourate birthday cakes in #MYDUBAI

Again, Uncle Fluffy setting records by being on top of the game, Naomi Dsouza has ranked Uncle Fluffy one of…
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Free support & training:

  • ●   Location hunting.
  • ●   Equipment buying & setup.
  • ●   Design guidance.
  • ●   Staff hiring..
  • ●   Cake preparation and baking.
  • ●   Constant operation support.
  • ●   Automation & development.