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We provide a full business setup including the kiosk fitout, equipments, secret recipe and full training so can start selling our wonderful cakes

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- Monthly profits of $50,000

- Low establishment cost

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A unique business opportunity

Uncle Fluffy now offers you the opportunity to start your own Japanese cheesecake business in your country. We will provide you with a fully functional kiosk, ovens, mixers, signage, uniforms, installation manuals, secret recipe and full training, everything is shipped to your doorstep, you just need to rent a location, install the kiosk and equipments, complete the training and start selling delicious cakes and make money all to yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Uncle Fluffy is the first bakery and café specialized in selling and serving the famous Japanese cake. It was founded by businessman Alaa Mohra, where the first branch was opened in Dubai in 2017, after which the brand expanded to more than 30 branches in 8 different countries, including the Emirates, Kuwait, and the Sultanate of Oman, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Lebanon, and the United States of America. Now Uncle Fluffy offers you the opportunity to start a similar business so you can sell the same products.

Please watch the introductory video for more accurate details.

UAE branches

Dubai Mall

Dubai Marina Mall

Mirdif City Centre

Saudi branches

Al Noor Mall - Medina

Red Sea Mall - Jeddah

Mall of Dhahran - Khobar

Park Mall - Tabuk City

Egypt branches

Glim Bay

Star City

Maadi City Center

City Center Almaza

Suez branch

Mall of Egypt

Cairo Festival

City Center Alexandria

Oman Branches

Avenue Mall

Muscat Mall

Kuwait branches

Marina Mall - Salmiya

Qurain Markets

Lebanon branches

ABC Mall

USA branches

Los Angeles Magnolia Avenue

You can now open a business similar to the Uncle Fluffy business by purchasing one of the available packages that contain all the requirements for opening the business from A to Z, including equipment, kiosk, secret recipe, uniforms, training, marketing and all the business secrets, and the method of establishing it step by step at the lowest possible costs and as quickly as possible to get the same results and financial returns which we have achieved with Uncle Fluffy.

The income of the business ranges between $50,000 to $200,000 per month. The income depends on several factors, the most important of which are location, marketing, and customer service.

Yes, you can start the business in any country you want.

All of our clients who started this business and achieved great success did not have any previous experience as we provide you with the necessary education and training for the success of the business.

You will receive a fully functional kiosk, ovens, mixers, signage, uniforms, installation manuals, secret recipe and full training.

Very high earnings with low startup cost.

No hidden costs, no monthly fees.

Start the business within 30 days.

Guidance for growth and success to avoid fatal financial mistakes.

We ship to all countries.

Shipping fees range from $500 to $1,000. We can inform you of the final shipping costs a few days before shipping.

We have 2 packages, and each package fits a different space, so please see our available packages.

You can start the business with 2 to 4 employees and you can increase their number over time.

You will get a location selection manual after purchasing the package and the manual will contain the best site selection strategies which we used in choosing locations for Uncle Fluffy and showed great success.

You will get an installation manual which will enable you to install the kiosk and equipment by yourself.

If you choose to purchase the Golden package, you will receive training through pre-recorded video clips. But if you choose the Ideal package, you will get live online training via Zoom Call feature.

We will provide you with a list of all needed ingredients and list of suppliers of those ingredients so you can purchase those ingredients directly without our interference. All the ingredients are available worldwide and can purchased from your local market.

You can buy packaging materials from the local market in your country. We will provide you with names and contact information for all packaging companies in all countries of the world.

After you purchase the package online, our team will contact you and ask you to choose your own brand name in order to create and design your own signage and we will place it in your kiosk.

We provided all the necessary information on our website, therefore, communication is available only after you pay the initial fee.

There are no additional fees and we will not ask you for a percentage of your sales.

  1. You will review the available packages and choose the package that suits you.
  2. After that, you must pay the initial reservation fee through our website.
  3. After paying the initial fee, our team contact you immediately to help you with the remaining steps.
  4. Our team will ask you to sign a confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement to protect the information we provide you.
  5. You will pay the remaining fees via bank transfer to Uncle Fluffy bank account.
  6. After the payment is completed, the package will be shipped with all its contents to the address that you will provide to us.

Our Branches

More than 30 stores across 8 countries.

  • Dubai Mall
  • Dubai Marina Mall
  • Mirdif City Centre
  • Al Noor Mall - Medina
  • Red Sea Mall - Jeddah
  • Mall of Dhahran - Khobar
  • Park Mall - Tabuk City
  • Glim Bay
  • Star City
  • Maadi City Center
  • City Center Almaza
  • Suez branch
  • Mall of Egypt
  • Cairo Festival
  • City Center Alexandria
  • Avenue Mall
  • Muscat Mall
  • Marina Mall - Salmiya
  • Qurain Markets
  • ABC Mall
  • Los Angeles Magnolia Avenue

Three reasons to start this business

Our cakes are on demand

Customers book flights to try our cakes, this is because of the millions of great reviews about our cakes on the internet, we will teach you how to make up USD50,000 per month from a small kiosk selling your own cakes.

Affordable startup cost

You can start this business as a small kiosk or you can even start it online with home delivery. If you have bigger budget you can open a full store. We will teach you how to minimize the cost and increase the profit margins.

Fast and Unlimited growth

We went from a small kiosk to more than 30 branches worldwide in less than 5 years. We will teach you how to grow as fast as we did.

Clients Reviews

The Menu

Image 1

Japanese Cheesecake

Light, fluffy and melt in the mouth, a flavor you have never tasted before and will never forget.

Image 1

Cheese Tart

It is made of cream and cheese flavors with a soft biscuit crunch.

Image 1

Chocolate Tart

Unique Japanese chocolate with more cheese and delicious biscuits.

Image 1

Cheesecake in a Cup

Layers of cheesecake with unprecedented tropical flavors that you have never tasted before.

Image 1


Creamy texture and sweet foam with the balance of high quality coffee beans.

Image 1


Coffee traditionally prepared from pure black coffee beans and a must try with cake.

Image 1

Hot Chocolate

It features the rich taste of cocoa with gently whipped cream for you to enjoy.

Image 1

Hot Tea

It is prepared with the refreshing aroma of mint to give a unique taste with Japanese tart.

Image 1

Orange Juice

Carefully selected and squeezed from premium oranges packed to satisfy your senses.

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