Why Uncle Fluffy

Uncle Fluffy Japanese bakery has won the hearts of millions of customers in the Middle East. Here are the top reasons why you should own the Uncle Fluffy franchise?

1. Small Investment Concept

We introduced the In-Mall Kiosk concept for one reason, to allow young passionate entrepreneurs take Uncle Fluffy to world-wide level. The In-Mall Kiosk concept require a small amount of investment since the cost of fit-out & infrastructure is avoided in addition to the Online Management System which provide automation to facilities like HR, Accounting, Inspections and many more.

2. The Secret Recipe of Uncle Fluffy’s Japanese Cheesecake

We have rabidly become the top Japanese bakery in few years and the main reason behind this success is nothing but an ancient recipe of Japanese cheesecake.

3. Opportunity to Business with Market Leader

We became a pioneer in providing mouthwatering Japanese cheesecake. UAE have already tasted their success with their products and Europe is next on our list.

4. State of Art Online Shopping Platform

Apart from offering the deliciously irresistible cheesecakes and other premium toothsome bakery items, we are also offering the ordering cake online on a very easy and simplified way with a backend platform to automatically control the operations of delivery service.

5. Consumer Appeal

Uncle Fluffy cheesecake is widely popular, people keep reminding us, “We love Uncle Fluffy!” The cheesecake are fresh-baked all day long. We never serve a cake with that has been baked a day before. Uncle Fluffy cheesecake have the perception of being a “better for you” alternative compared to other snack and dessert concepts.

6. Menu & Price

Uncle Fluffy cheesecake is convenient, fresh, handy products for on-the-go use. The Uncle Fluffy concept is adaptable to regional and local taste profiles, but subject to franchiser approval. Premium quality Uncle Fluffy products are available to consumers at value pricing.