Franchisee’s Success Stories

Watch what other franchisees have to say about us and their success stories with us

Franchisee: Naveed Ahmed Pirzada

Country: United Arab Emirates

City: Dubai

Number of branches: One branch

Interview Highlights:

  • We are not an F&B firm, we were the regular consumer of Uncle Fluffy. we received the news that Uncle Fluffy's franchise opportunities are open so it all happened by an accident but it was a nice one.

  • As a businessman, I always looking for having an extra way of income by having very little involvement in it and Uncle Fluffy's operations structure is one of the best examples of it.

  • They literally spoon-fed me while opening the franchise, from reading and understanding franchise documentation till the opening of the franchise, their team was there for us.

Franchisee: Kamal Abdul Aziz

Country: Egypt

City: Cairo

Number of branches: Three branches

Interview Highlights:

  • The team of the franchisor was very supportive and very professional as they assisted us with all the opening aspects.

  • Since malls have very high standards, we didn't have any difficulty getting into any mall, in fact we now work with the biggest malls in Egypt.

  • We currently operate three Uncle Fluffy branches in Cairo and we are planning to open more than 50 more branches across the territory of Egypt.

Franchisee: Ezzidean Mousa

Country: United Arab Emirates

City: Dubai

Number of branches: One branch

Interview Highlights:

  • I noticed that people love the Uncle Fluffy Japanese cheesecake and after studying the project I decided it's the right thing for me.

  • The sales were high from the first day of opening and the sales are still high up to this moment. We are planning to expand with more branches.

  • Uncle Fluffy's team was very helpful and supportive in all aspects including the rent advice, the design aspects, the contractor and the training.

Franchisee: Tumar Boranbayev

Country: Kazakhstan

City: Almaty

Number of branches: Two branches

Interview Highlights:

  • I completed my studies here in Dubai and I always wanted something new and wanted to be an entrepreneur, so once my father bring this cake home for me, I decided immediately to start my business career with this.

  • What I like in uncle fluffy is that it is unique, there is no cream in it, it is not much sweet, that's why I love this as none of Uncle Fluffy's products are harmful for my health.

  • When I opened my two branches in 2020 in Al Maty, people got crazy and loved the product concept and appraising the Japanese taste and Japanese touch in the product.