How it works

Being a franchisee of Uncle Fluffy simply means that you will be able to open Uncle Fluffy shop in a location of your choice and subject to our approval. You can start with a small kiosk or with a big shop depending on your budget and our recommendations. Our partners enjoy decent annual income, and you can enjoy that too if you qualify.


  • You must be 20 years old or older.
  • You must be one of the approved nationalities.
  • You must have a fund of USD50,000 or more.
  • You must have no previous criminal records.

To find out if you qualify for Uncle Fluffy franchise kindly submit the franchise application on our website.

What you need to do?

  • Find a suitable location and lease it accordingly to our advice.
  • Complete the shop or kiosk Fitout according to our design guidelines.
  • Buy the equipments and install them according to our instructions.
  • Hire the staff according to our advice.

What we will do?

  • We will give you the right to use our name to display at your shop or kiosk.
  • We will provide you with consultations on finding a successful location.
  • We will provide you operational manual with full details on the recipe and ingredients.
  • We will provide full training for you and the staff.
  • We will provide technical support before and after opening.

Expected Income:

Based on statistics collected during the past three years in some of our branches in more than 5 countries, the average sales for one branch reach 600,000 US dollars annually. Our current franchisees achieve a profit margin of 40% of the total sales.

Required Funds:

Opening an Uncle Fluffy kiosk or shop requires a budget of not less than fifty thousand US dollars or more, depending on the space of the kiosk or shop. We will provide more details after you get your initial approval.

How to start?

Step 1 : Get pre-qualified by submitting the application on our website.

Step 2 : Receive the full information to help you choose the franchise model (Shop or Kiosk).

Step 3 : Pay 10% of the franchise fee.

Step 4 : Get the final franchise agreement signed and stamped.

Step 5 : Pay 90% of the franchise fee.

Step 6 : Kick-off meeting with our franchise director and receive the operational manual.

Step 7 : Start hunting for location and get our approval on it.

Step 8 : Complete the Fitout design and installation.

Step 9 : Buy the equipments and install them.

Step 10 : Hire the staff.

Step 11 : Training of staff and preparing for soft opening.

Step 12 : Final opening.


Step 1 to step 5 (total of 3 weeks)

Step 6 to step 12 (total of 12 weeks)