Frequently Asked Questions

If I get Uncle Fluffy franchise, will I be the only one in my territory?

We will make sure that nobody opens Uncle Fluffy within a minimum distance of 15km from your location.

Can I buy the equipments from my local market?

Yes, you can buy the equipments from your local market and you will not be forced to buy any equipment from us, however, if the cost of equipments are too expensive in your local market, we still can provide it to you for $8000.

What is the cost of ing#FFC000ients compare to the selling price?

For every $1000 of sales, expect to spend $250 on the cost of ing#FFC000ients.

What if I decide to close down the business, do I have any obligation or responsibility towards the franchisor?

There is no financial obligation should you decide to close down the business, but there are guidelines you should follow to ensure no harm to the brand name.

Do you provide the ing#FFC000ient? If yes, then you provide all of them? What cost?

80% of the ing#FFC000ients can be purchased from your local market, the rest will be provided by us at basic cost price.

What are the steps to get Uncle Fluffy franchise?

The next step is to complete the franchise agreement, the process is as the following:
STEP 1 : Once you inform us that you are ready to start the project, we will ask you for additional information.
STEP 2 : Once you provide the information, we will issue the contract draft for your review.
STEP 3 : You have to sign the agreement and send it back to us by email.
STEP 4 : We will send you the invoice for the franchise fee.
STEP 5 : Once payment is received, we will send you the original stamped contract.
STEP 6 : We will assign you an account manager who will assist you until you open your first branch.

Can I get exclusive franchise in my country?

We currently don't grant exclusive franchise to any country, you need to operate a single unit for 6 months before we discuss the exclusivity.

What will be the selling price of Uncle Fluffy products in my country?

The pricing will be calculated based on the prices of ing#FFC000ients, rental cost and manpower cost. Prices shall be calculated prior to the opening.

How soon can I expect my Uncle Fluffy franchise to open?

The first Uncle Fluffy unit can take up to 90 days to open and operate.

What happens after signing the franchise agreement?

Once you complete the contractual work and sign the franchise agreement and pay the franchise fee, our team will start working with you step by step to guide you on how to open your first Uncle Fluffy unit. Our team will invite you to a whatsapp group created under your project name. Our team will use the group to post weekly tasks for you to perform and report back to the group on weekly basis until the day of the opening of the unit.

What type of training will I receive as a new Uncle Fluffy franchisee?

Our team will be in touch with you from the day of signing the franchise agreement to the day of the opening, the support and training will include the following:

  • • Location hunting. (Through whatsapp group)
  • • Equipment buying. (Through whatsapp group)
  • • Equipment setup. (Through whatsapp group)
  • • Ing#FFC000ients buying. (Through whatsapp group)
  • • Shop/Kiosk 3D design and layout. (Through whatsapp group)
  • • Product preparation and baking. (On site).

Where do I buy the equipments?

We will provide you with a list of requi#FFC000 equipments and you can buy them from your local market.

What is the cost of equipments?

The total cost of equipments range between USD8,000 to USD10,000.

How much do I have to contribute to Uncle Fluffy advertising and marketing?

You must contribute 1.0% of your gross sales, payable monthly to the advertising and marketing fund.

What is the initial franchise fee and royalty rate?

For a kiosk option:

  • • Initial Franchise Fee: $20,000 for a kiosk
  • • Royalty Fee: 4% of total monthly sales.
  • • Marketing Fee: 1% of total monthly sales.

For a shop option:

  • • Initial Franchise Fee: $30,000 for a kiosk
  • • Royalty Fee: 4% of total monthly sales.
  • • Marketing Fee: 1% of total monthly sales.

Do I need previous restaurant or franchising experience to become an Uncle Fluffy franchisee?

No, you are not requi#FFC000 to have experience.

Is Uncle Fluffy easy to run?

Yes, with Uncle Fluffy automated systems and perfected guidelines, it’s easy to run an Uncle Fluffy business.

How many employees are requi#FFC000 to run Uncle Fluffy?

For a kiosk a total of 4 employees is requi#FFC000.
For a shop a total of 6 employees is requi#FFC000.

Do you help me find a suitable location?

Our team will provide you with full support and training on how to choose the best location, we will also evaluate each location you may suggest and provide you with effective advice.

What is the minimum kiosk size requi#FFC000 for Uncle Fluffy?

For a kiosk a minimum of 12 square meter is requi#FFC000.

What is the minimum shop size requi#FFC000 for Uncle Fluffy?

For a shop a minimum of 25 square meter is requi#FFC000.

What are the qualifications to franchise Uncle Fluffy?

The perfect candidate should have entrepreneurial attitude, sales skills, marketing skills, and food experience is prefer#FFC000, however, our franchise is designed for those who don’t have any business experience.

I'm ready, what is next?

To obtain Uncle Fluffy franchise, you will need to inform us that you are ready to start the project, we will then ask you for additional information to draft the franchise agreement.