Top 5 Questions To Ask Uncle Fluffy Before Making a Decision

I know you’ve heard a lot about Uncle Fluffy and wanted to know more. .

If you’re watching this video, you might be like  one of the Uncle Fluffy Franchisees who have asked tons of questions before buying the franchise. 

With that said, let’s talk about the top 5 questions to ask Uncle fluffy:

  1. Investment cost

So what’s the initial investment you need to run the franchise? An initial cost of 77,000 USD is all you need to start a full uncle fluffy shop. A minimum of 47K is good to go should you want to start a small kiosk. These include your franchise fee, equipment cost, turn-key or your fit out cost. rent costs and ingredients are separate and it varies depending on your territory.

  1. Return of investments (ROI)

Everybody knows that ROI is key to identifying the success of your business. And there is no telling of  the exact figure of how much you are going to make for the first year, but the figures based on consolidated sales reports from 20 branches across 7 countries can give you a good idea. 

If an average uncle fluffy store makes a million dollars a year, then a franchisee should expect at least 350,000 dollars..

Here’s the approximate  breakdown:-

Rent – 15%

Manpower – 20%

Ingredients supply – 15%

Royalty fee – 4%

Overhead and marketing – 5%

You are left with 36% profit margin which is a good figure when you think about your initial investment. 

  1. Fees

Franchise Fee

How much does a Starbucks Franchise Cost?(Opens in a new browser tab)

Uncle Fluffy franchise fee is a one-time payment to support your franchise business. It includes access to the management portal, website to start your online marketing, franchise support, territory study (location hunting, equipment buying, setup, ingredients buying, design guidelines, staff hiring and final training. 

Royalty fee

Uncle Fluffy charges 4% from the total sale which is the most affordable compared to other franchisors.

  1. Am I qualified? 

For some franchise models, they want to know your net worth, liquid funds and some factors to evaluate your level of commitment to the business. 

Uncle Fluffy Franchise model is designed specifically for those who have zero business experience. 

Uncle Fluffy is looking to work with franchisees who are capable of running multiple stores, but makes sure that your first store has reached maximum potential. 

  1. Has any of the franchisees failed?

I think this the most important question because you want to see the success rate of the brand based on experience.

The answer is NONE. Zero. We have related videos about success stories. Check them out in the description.

So that’s it. The top 5 questions to ask uncle fluffy that would definitely help you make a decision. Submit your application to and book a call with the franchise director.

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