4 Reasons Why Uncle Fluffy is Growing Fast

4 Reasons Why Uncle Fluffy is Growing Fast

Uncle Fluffy is a Dubai based Japanese cheesecake concept that is rapidly growing. Since offering franchise opportunities 3 years ago, the company has already 20 branches operating in 7 countries and will soon open doors in the US and Canada. 

Why the rapid expansion? So this video will answer your question how Uncle Fluffy is a sought-after franchise right now and also will help you understand the best franchise investment for yourself 

  1. Proven Operating System

All businesses engaged in franchise models use a main reference to the day to day operations of the business – which is the operational manual. Your operational manual systematically defines all aspects and processes to manage your franchise business. 

From the smallest details to the most complex. Brand guidelines, Proprietary marks, production methods, day to day operations, logistics, marketing materials, packaging,  you name it, you got it. You have a proven system in place so you don’t have to worry about how to get things done. 

  1. Brand recognition

Aside from being a cool product which is loved, followed and supported by fans across the globe, the demand for Japanese cheesecake has been increasing since the day it was introduced. But what is the best part and what separates Uncle Fluffy? 

Uncle Fluffy is VIRAL. That’s right. 

Uncle Fluffy is a team of highly-spirited content creators. 

They were just having fun when they started TikTok over 3 months ago. It is beyond expectation to reach over 170,000 followers and videos reaching millions of likes & views. Well,  thanks to the fans across the globe for the enormous love and support of the content.

Checkout the Tiktok page in the link below. 

  1. Support

Lots of people are capable of starting a new business but the only thing holding them back is experience. One of the main challenges is the setup, especially if you want to do business in commercial spaces like malls and shopping destinations. The Franchise Team of Uncle Fluffy ensures support in every single step of the way. We help franchisees to professionally communicate with real estate developers and mall operators to establish the prequalification process to acquire a retail space, including documentation and compliance to proper representation procedures. 

In addition, we support the franchisee in equipment supply, ingredients sourcing, hiring the staff and final training. All of these happen from the day of signing the franchise agreement to the grand opening. 

And now you know why Uncle Fluffy is growing so fast. 

  1. Going Global

Since Uncle Fluffy introduced the franchise model 3 years ago, the company is now operating in 7 countries with 20 branches and will soon open doors in the US and Canada. Uncle Fluffy’s exponential increase in visibility has opened more reach to potential franchisees globally, including Europe, North America and Southeast Asia.

The goal is to reach around 500 branches across the globe. 

And that’s 4 reasons why Uncle Fluffy is growing fast.. 

Click the link in the subscription below and submit  your application.

Speak to the franchise director using this link.

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