Top 10 Popular FAQs about Mr Fluffy

Hello once again and welcome back! Here are the Top 10 Popular FAQs about Mr Fluffy.

How much is Mr Fluffy cheesecake? 

  • First of all, the price of regular size cheesecake is AED 18.
  • Next the medium sized one is at the cost of AED 65.
  • Whereas the large cheesecake is AED 115.
  • Furthermore there is an extra bonus for you! No delivery charges for orders above AED 50.

Is Mr Fluffy a real person?  

  • No, Mr. Fluffy is not an actual person. In fact it is our brand name.

Do you put Mr Fluffy in the fridge? 

  • Placing Mr. Fluffy cheesecakes in fridge is definitely the best idea. So that it can last longer.
  • As a matter of fact Japanese cheesecakes can be eaten either fresh from oven or cold.

How is Mr Fluffy cheesecake made?

  • We sincerely handpick premium quality ingredients for our jiggly cheesecakes. They are for instance: cream cheese, eggs, butter, sugar and whipped cream. Traditional baking method is used known as bain-marie. Aside from that we also use water bathing mechanism.

How long can Mr Fluffy cheesecake last?

  • If placed in a chiller, they can certainly last for about 5 days.

Who owns Mr Fluffy?

  • The owner of Mr. Fluffy with its signature dessert, Japanese cheesecake is none other than Mr. Alaa Mohra.

How many calories are in Mr Fluffy cheesecake?

  • The regular sized Japanese cheesecake has a calorie count of 370 kCal only. This is comparatively lower than the normal cheesecakes available at the market. Besides we truly care about not manufacturing products that could be detrimental to your health.

Is Mr Fluffy cheesecake halal? 

  • On the other hand our cheesecakes are absolutely halal. In other words we make sure that all the ingredients used are hundred percent halal.

Is Mr Fluffy vegan? 

  • As mentioned, our products contain eggs and cheese. Hence, we are not vegan.

Is Mr Fluffy gluten free?

  • Last not least our products are not gluten free.

In concluding we genuinely hope that the above Top 10 Popular FAQs about Mr Fluffy have answered all your lingering queries about us.

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