What is the Cheapest Franchise to Start?

Are you aspiring to start a business? With a trade that does not start from scratch? And what is the cheapest franchise to start? There are indeed high cost franchises. While the cost of certain franchises are even outrageous. Conversely affordable and cheap franchises are available too. This would be a great prospect especially for business newbies.

Here are some of the cheap franchise opportunity that you can benefit from:

Uncle Fluffy Franchise:

To begin with our Uncle Fluffy franchise is certainly economical and profitable. We offer three kinds of franchise options. The franchise fee is around $30,000 to $50,000. It should be noted that the franchise fee is a one-time payment. Meanwhile the royalty fee is 4% of the total sales. We also provide intensive training and full support. Join our Japanese cheesecake franchise. And taste the flavor of success.

Cafe2go Franchise:

This cafe has been in style since its opening in 2010. Their franchise structure is flexible and solid. They also claim to provide supreme trade model and support. Which guarantees the success of franchisees. As for the franchise fee is about US$5,000. The royalty fee on the other hand is around 5%.

The Choco Monarch Franchise:

Subsequently this is another popular coffee shop in UAE. They are the hub for 100% pure Belgian Chocolate relishes. Furthermore they not only represent a cafe but also a chocolatier. Extensive varieties of chocolate treats are gettable here. The franchise cost is approximately US$10,000. Aside from that the royalty price is roughly 6%.

Urban Bites Franchise:

Last but not least let’s explore on Urban Bites franchise. Its first store was commenced in 2013. Their notion is to provide delectable cuisines in a cozy atmosphere. Additionally their store setting is colorful and friendly. Whereas the franchise rate is around US$30,000. Next is the royalty fee which is about 5%.

We hope that the above cheapest franchise to start options are helpful for you.

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