What is the Best Japanese Franchise?

For the past few years Japanese cuisines are becoming prominent. Furthermore they are loved by numerous fans across the globe. Usually Japanese food is made of fresh ingredients and best quality seasonings. Thus giving a truly delightful taste. Besides buying Japanese franchise has been the aspiration of many. But what is the best Japanese franchise to buy? We’ll soon know in this article.

Here is a list of top Japanese franchise to buy:

Uncle Fluffy Franchise:

Our Uncle Fluffy is one of the best Japanese franchise. We are the proud makers of jiggly Japanese cheesecakes. Currently we have 14 branches in a global level. Additionally our franchise is cost friendly and lucrative as well. The one time franchise payment is around $30,000 to $50,000 only. Moreover we provide free and complete training. Join our Japanese cheesecake family. And avail our franchise opportunities.

TakeYou Inc. Franchise:

TakeYou Inc. is another Japanese franchise business. Their cuisines consist mainly of chicken white ramen and soup. They were established in 2011. They not only possess 59 franchises in Japan but also 5 units in foreign lands. The franchise fee is around USD 20,000 and training for opening is USD 2,000. And also an additional guarantee of USD 5,000.

Sushi-Market Franchise:

Subsequently let’s look into Sushi-Market Franchise. As per the name says, their chief product is Sushi. Which is the favourite of many across the world. Initially you have to invest around $40,000 – $70,000. They claimed that there’s no disparity between their franchises and own branches. Presently they own 11 partners.

Triangle Co., Ltd. Franchise

Last of all is Triangle Co., Ltd. franchise. Their trade is based on noodles. They have launched in 1955. Besides they have not only attracted Japanese customers but foreigners as well. There are 19 franchises in Japan as of now. In fact they run area franchise trade. Their franchise cost is USD64K for 4 units within 2 years + USD9K per additional unit.

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