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Welcome back to the franchise talk! An informative platform regarding franchises and brands. Uncle Fluffy has been the bearer of the secret of our fluffy Japanese cheesecake since 1986. Apart from that, Uncle Tetsu is another famous brand. Which also trades Japanese cheesecakes. Uncle Tetsu locations are available in UAE too. Are you wondering where the Uncle Tetsu near me is? Well you’ll get the answer soon.

Let’s look into some location based facts in detail:

Uncle Fluffy in UAE:

To begin with our branches are located in several locations in United Arab Emirates.

  • For example our Dubai branches are as follows: Ibn Battuta Mall, Dragon Mart 1, Dubai Marina Mall and Dubai Mall.
  • Meanwhile in Abu Dhabi are Al Wahda Mall and Yas Mall.
  • Sharjah on the other hand is City Center Sharjah.

So above are the answers for those who wonder where the Uncle Fluffy near me are.

Uncle Tetsu in UAE:

Comparatively, Uncle Tetsu locations are available at several spots only.

  • And they are Jumeirah 1, Al Wasl and Al Satwa.

Uncle Fluffy Globally:

Currently Uncle Fluffy stores can be found in 7 countries.

  • They are: Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Kazakhstan and Egypt. In total there are 24 branches in these countries.
  • Furthermore we are planning on a grand expansion. Our aim is to become a top franchise in 2020. By opening more than 135 licensed units globally.

Uncle Tetsu Globally:

On the other hand Uncle Tetsu stores are available in quite a number of countries.

  • Some of them are: Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan and New Zealand.

You can simply visit our stores at the Uncle Fluffy locations above. Or alternatively order online. And avail our speedy delivery service. What’s more, savor our tender jiggly Japanese cheesecakes. Feel the enchanted magic seeping your nerves with each bite.

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