Uncle Fluffy in United States

Uncle Fluffy franchise has been giving exceptional franchising opportunities. Dubai is our homeland. The first branch was launched in 2017. Today there are several franchises spread across 7 countries. And they are: Oman, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Qatar and Canada. As for now Uncle Fluffy is planning on further expansion. Similarly we are hoping to establish Uncle Fluffy in United States. And we also wish to serve our signature Japanese cheesecake in US.

Here are some benefits of franchising with us:

Economical Franchise:

In the first place, our franchise is inexpensive. It is a low price franchise. The franchising fee is roughly around $30,000 to $50,000. This cost is much lower when compared to others. For instance Subway and McDonald’s. This is because we would like to give budding entrepreneurs a chance.

Cost-Effective Franchise:

On the other hand our franchise is highly profitable as well. As there are chances for you to gain around $80,000 per month. The profit very much depends on the size of shop you choose. You can begin with a simple kiosk. Or go for the shop with seating area.

Training and Guidance:

Above all, we provide free guidance. We will train you the business know-how and skills. Furthermore lacking in business knowledge is fine with us. Free training includes cake baking, staff hiring, location searching, ingredients to buy and equipment purchase.

Absolutely Free Services:

We also offer free services for our franchisees. For instance presentations and branding, website and online ordering and UFP management system. Besides we also offer constant IT support, constant operation support and constant menu development.

Currently we are searching for franchisees in the United States. So avail this opportunity. Join our family. Help us to become Uncle Fluffy USA. And the best franchise in United States. And we will help you to develop into a better businessperson. Let us together establish Uncle Fluffy in United States. And deliver our spongy Japanese cake in United States.

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