Top 10 Popular FAQs about Uncle Tetsu

Welcome back to our blog! Here we present the top 10 popular FAQS about Uncle Tetsu.

Do you eat Japanese cheesecake hot or cold? 

  • To begin with, you can consume Japanese cheesecakes either hot or cold without a doubt.
  • Besides the fluffiness is at its maximum when warm. Additionally the fragrance of butter and egg is irresistible.
  • On the other hand, the intensity of cream cheese can really melt in your mouth. If you consume while its cold.

How much is Uncle Tetsu cheesecake? 

  • Firstly, 6 inches of Uncle Tetsu’s original Japanese cheesecake is approximately around 39 AED.
  • Whereas a pack of 4 Japanese cheesecakes is roughly about 156 AED.
  • Next is a pack of 6 is around 234 AED.
  • Lastly about 312 AED for a pack of 8 cheesecakes.

Is Uncle Tetsu a real person?  

  • Yes, indeed. Uncle Tetsu or his actual name Tetsushi Mizokami is a real person. He was born is Fukuoka, Hakata, Japan.

Do you put Uncle Tetsu in the fridge? 

  • Placing Uncle Tetsu cheesecakes in fridge is certainly the best storage method. In fact it is preferable as well.

How is Uncle Tetsu cheesecake made?

Next Uncle Tetsu cheesecakes contain various components. For instance:

  • Flour
  • Milk
  • Eggs
  • Cream Cheese
  • Butter
  • Sugar
  • Honey
  • Baking Powder

How Long Can Uncle Tetsu cheesecake last?

  • First of all the cheesecakes can last for nearly 3 days if refrigerated.
  • On the contrary they can last around 12 hours at room temperature.

Who owns Uncle Tetsu?

  • Tetsushi Mizokami owns Uncle Tetsu. Moreover, he was the founder of Uncle Tetsu Japanese cheesecake.

How many calories are in Uncle Tetsu cheesecake?

  • Following the next query, Uncle Tetsu Japanese cheesecake contains roughly around 1000 – 1200 calories.

Is Uncle Tetsu cheesecake halal? 

  • There is no reference of halal in Uncle Tetsu’s cheesecakes. However they mentioned of being alcohol-free.

Is Uncle Tetsu vegan? 

  • Yes, as they claim their cheesecakes to be vegetarian-friendly.

Is Uncle Tetsu gluten free?  

  • No, they are not gluten free.

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