Top 10 Popular FAQs about Uncle Fluffy

Here we present top 10 popular FAQs about Uncle Fluffy. These questions have been the common queries among many people.

How much is Uncle Fluffy cheesecake? 

  • To start with AED 18 for the regular cheesecake that serves 1 person.
  • Whereas the medium cheesecake which serves 4 persons price is AED 65.
  • While the large cheesecake that serves 8 people cost is AED 115.
  • Moreover there are no delivery charges for orders exceeding AED 50.

Is Uncle Fluffy a real person?  

  • No Uncle Fluffy is our brand name and trademark.

Do you put Uncle Fluffy in the fridge? 

  • Generally you can consume Japanese cheesecakes either hot or cold.
  • But it is preferable to put Uncle Fluffy cheesecakes in the fridge to last longer.

How is Uncle Fluffy cheesecake made?

  • Subsequently the ingredients used to craft our cheesecakes are as follows: butter, cream cheese, sugar, eggs and whipped cream. They are made in a bain-marie which is the customary method. Otherwise baked with water bathing mechanism.

How long can Uncle Fluffy cheesecake last?

  • Next Uncle Fluffy cheesecakes can last up until 5 days if placed in a chiller.

Who owns Uncle Fluffy?

  • Mr. Alaa Mohra is the proud owner of our exceptional jiggly Japanese cheesecake.

How many calories are in Uncle Fluffy cheesecake?

  • Fundamentally we utilize top quality ingredients in our products. In other words we truly care about the health and well-being of our consumers. Uncle Fluffy’s regular size cheesecake contains 370 kCal of calories.

Is Uncle Fluffy cheesecake halal? 

  • Furthermore all of our Uncle Fluffy products are 100% halal. By the same token we ensure that the ingredients used are all of it halal.

Is Uncle Fluffy vegan? 

  • No, Uncle Fluffy is certainly not vegan. Since we use cream cheese and eggs.

Is Uncle Fluffy gluten free?  

  • No, Uncle Fluffy is not gluten free.

We genuinely hope that the top 10 popular FAQs about Uncle Fluffy above are helpful for you to know more about us. Your day will be special indeed by having a bite of our exclusive Uncle Fluffy cheesecake.

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