Japanese Cheesecake Franchise

Owner of tons of admirers, Japanese cheesecake has become popular on international level. The soft and pillow-like nature of the cheesecake is particularly loved by many. There are many Japanese cheesecake franchises available like our Uncle Fluffy franchise. One of our franchises is located in Dubai Mall. Which is one of the world’s principal trading centers.

Are you planning on buying Japanese cake franchise? Let’s look into some of the existing Japanese cheesecake franchise:

Uncle Fluffy Franchise:

First of all our jiggly cake franchise is a reasonably priced scheme. It is rather one of the best choices. Especially for start-ups and beginners. As we support potential blossoming entrepreneurs. It is a great place to initiate your business. As for the franchise fee is approximately around $30,000 to $50,000. Furthermore we provide excellent training and guidance. No previous experience is fine with us. For full franchise information please contact us through our official website.

Hanjuku Kobo Franchise:

On the other hand, Hanjuku Kobo is a brand from Hong Kong. It came into establishment in 2015. This bakery produces lovely Japanese cheesecake. They use Hokkaido cream cheese and top quality Japanese flour to make their cakes. At this time Hanjuku Kobo is planning on expansion. They are planning to bring their products abroad. Contact them to learn more about their franchising prospects.

Pablo Franchise:

Last but not least, Pablo is highly popular for their fresh cheese tarts or cheesecakes. They are available in Canada and Philippines. This popular bakery also offers a variety of items other than their cheesecake specialty. For instance their soft ice creams, pastries and cookies. In addition to this, their foodstuffs are made on the spot for customers to see. If you wish to be their franchisee, visit their website for further details.

On the whole Uncle Fluffy is certainly an ideal franchise option. Most importantly the franchise fee is affordable. In addition you can get profit up to $80,000 per month. Join our Uncle Fluffy team. And be one of our success stories.

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