What are the Top Japanese Cheesecake Franchises?

Japanese cheesecake has captured the hearts of many without a doubt. Pillow-like texture and the springy nature are its specialty. Above all the melting cheese on our tongues can dissolve countless souls. It is a treasure especially for the lovers of cheesecake.

There are numerous Japanese cheesecake makers worldwide. For instance Johann’s Cheesecake, Shirotae’s Cheesecake and Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory. But only some bakers provide franchising opportunities.

These are some of the top Japanese cheesecake franchises available:

Uncle Fluffy Franchise:

The first Uncle Fluffy outlet in Dubai was launched in 2017. Then it expanded to 3 more branches after a year. Now, Uncle Fluffy franchises are available in four countries. They are Kuwait, Egypt, Oman and Kazakhstan. Moreover, this is one of the affordable franchises. Start-ups as well as blooming businessmen can opt for this franchise. As for the fee is around $30,000 to $50,000. Join our family and avail the franchising opportunity.

Uncle Tetsu Franchise:

Similarly Uncle Tetsu has a large number of fans. They are following an open factory style. Where public can watch the baking of cheesecakes. Uncle Tetsu is one of the renowned brands. The investment cost is from USD 300,000 per store. Other than that you need to have equipment like ovens. In addition each store needs to have a minimum of 6 staff members plus a manager. For more information visit their website.

Fuwari Franchise:

On the other hand, Fuwari cheesecake makers bake cheesecakes in cups. The cake has 3 layers. And they are liquefying cheese layer, soft cake layer and crispy crumbles. At the moment franchising opportunity is only available in Malaysia. It is a single unit franchise. Whereas the franchise fee is around USD 20K.

Pablo Franchise:

Pablo’s freshly baked cheesecakes are celebrated by many. It is also known as cheese tarts. Along with this the store contains ice creams, cheese puddings and pastries. Pablo is available in Philippines and Canada. Visit their website to get more information about their franchise.

We hope the info above on Japanese cheesecake franchises are useful. Please visit our website for more.

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