How much does a Subway Franchise Cost?

Subway is one of the most admired restaurants. The varieties of sub sandwiches, wraps and salads are indeed mouthwatering. Especially the extra filling and topping choices gives a delightful experience to the buyers. Many are aiming to buy the subway franchise. Mainly due to its reputation. Anyway how much does a Subway franchise cost?

Here are some of the investment details of Subway franchise:

Franchise Fee:

To start with, the franchisee needs to pay a sum of $10,000 to $15,000 as the fee. The sum is in US dollars. If you need more information, you need to get in touch with them. Contact details can be found in their website.

Royalty and Advertising Fee:

Apart from the subway franchise price, a certain percentage goes to royalty and advertising fee. About 8% for the royalty and 4.5% to the advertising. Therefore, the franchisee gives a total of 12.5% every week. This fraction is equivalent to the total sales minus the sales charges or tax. 

Other Expenses:

Apart from that, there are other expenditures as well like location. Similarly there are many additional factors to think about. For instance the equipment, supplies, insurance and security system. The franchisee must not forget about the miscellaneous costs too. Such as business licenses, small equipment and utility deposits.

Total Investment Cost:

Additionally Subway gives three options for the franchisee. They are the lower cost, moderate cost and higher cost. So you can choose according to your financial plan. On the whole, the total investment is approximately around USD $139,000 – $342,000. This is only estimation. For the exact total Subway franchise cost you need to contact them.  

Other Franchises:

It is true that Subway possesses an unbeatable fame. However, the expenses are way too high. This would be problematic for entrepreneurs looking for an affordable franchise. Uncle Fluffy franchise fee for example is roughly about $30,000 to $50,000. Other than that, Cafe2go’s franchise fee is around USD $9,500. And Paisano’s franchise is approximately USD $40,000.

So choose sensibly. Plan out beforehand. Finally select the franchise according to your budget. Good luck!

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